The brainchild of Google: Knowledge graph on steroids

The Knowledge Graph is well known throughout the SEO community as a knowledge base that collects data from a variety of sources across the Web to enhance its search results. But will its technology be “old news” soon? Enter the Knowledge Vault, the brainchild of Google and a sort-of “Knowledge Graph on steroids” that could soon be a reality for search.

knowledge-vault 2

This paper published by Google goes into more detail about the concepts behind the Knowledge Vault, citing three major components:

  • Extractors: These systems extract triples from a huge number of Web sources. Each extractor assigns a confidence score to an extracted triple, representing uncertainty about the identity of the relation and its corresponding arguments.
  • Graph-based priors: These systems learn the probability of each possible triple, based on triples scored in an existing KB (knowledge base).
  • Knowledge fusion: This system computes the probability of a triple being true, based on agreement between different extractors and priors.

The potential of a machine system that has the whole of human knowledge at its fingertips is huge. One of the first applications will be virtual personal assistants that go way beyond what Siri and Google Now are capable of, says Austin.

Source: Search Engine Watch