Technology firms are waging war over the lucrative artificial intelligence market

A booming market that is set to reach $11.1 billion by 2024

“Intelligent machines will form the backbone of what we call the invisible revolution: technologies interacting so seamlessly they become invisible. This technology revolution will help how humans and intelligent machines interact in complex, yet complementary ways.  Patrice Simard, distinguished engineer and deputy managing director at Microsoft

What is unclear, however, is which firm will ultimately win the AI race.

Apple’s Siri has received major upgrades in the upcoming launch of iOS 9. The iPhone maker says that Siri can now answer more questions and more accurately understand queries.

In May Google announced a major upgrade to Google Now that allows the service to “understand” over 100 million locations. Google Now not only lists basic information, but also provide users a range of suggestions, including when would be the best time to visit a local restaurant.

With the launch of Windows 10 in July, Microsoft incorporated Cortana into its operating system and improved its understanding and relevance on several tasks.

The fight, in other words, is on for control of the growing market.

Source: Fortune


Point of this blog on Socializing AI

Artificial Intelligence must be about more than our things. It must be about more than our machines. It must be a way to advance human behavior in complex human situations. But this will require wisdom-powered code. It will require imprinting AI’s genome with social intelligence for human interaction. It must begin right now.”
— Phil Lawson
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