Robots changing society, humans need not apply

Sobering overview of the real impact robots are having on society and jobs right now. As the narrator says, You may think we have been here before, but we haven’t, this time is different. Not just automation of manual jobs, but lawyers, doctors and white collar workers also. What does it mean? Check it out. This video was posted August 13 and seven days later has 1,805,673 views.


But Watson, is it a good time FOR ME to buy a house?

AI developers at IBM Watson hope some day soon to answer a simple human question, like, ‘Is this a good time to buy a house?’ by having Watson quickly analyze news articles, forum posts, call logs, policy documents and web pages to report ‘window of opportunity’ data.

Phil Lawson: Frankly, Watson, this will be cool when you can do this! But even more important to a human is this question: “Is this a good time FOR ME to buy a house?” When Watson can return this kind of information, based on individual circumstances, this will be awesome. 


Point of this blog on Socializing AI

Artificial Intelligence must be about more than our things. It must be about more than our machines. It must be a way to advance human behavior in complex human situations. But this will require wisdom-powered code. It will require imprinting AI’s genome with social intelligence for human interaction. It must begin right now.”
— Phil Lawson
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