“Cognitive” is both an era of technology and a business model

Ginni Rometty CEO IBM

Some highlights from this video are included below:

“When digital business marries up with digital intelligence it is the dawn of a new era about being a cognitive business. When every product, every service, how you run your company, can actually have a piece that learns and thinks as part of it, you will be a cognitive business.”

“Cognitive is both an era of technology and a business model.”

“I think this next decade it is about: Can you become a cognitive business? And to me, if you take big data, cloud, mobility, this is the fourth, and I believe it is the most disruptive of these trends. It is clearly the one–you guys have been with me as Watson has grown up, right?–he is symbolic of this era and he is the first real platform of it.”

“This idea that systems that can understand, they can reason, they can learn, are here.”