Who are we?

We’re Phil and Pam Lawson. And this blog is a collaborative effort.

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We began this blog in June of 2014 as a way for us to stay current with and keep track of the rapid advances occurring in AI. If you’ve discovered this site we hope you find it informative. 

NAVIGATING THIS BLOG: This is curated information about AI as it applies to socializing AI. We don’t comment on every blog post. Most are excerpts of news items. Others, are notable quotes. All of them direct you, the reader, to the original source of the material if you want to delve deeper. When we do comment, you’ll find our personal observations in purple text. 

Who are WE?

For the last dozen years the focus of our work has been on creating a technology interface (& protocols) for whole human behavior growth. We’ve operated as a research & development company that performed as a SaaS to cover development costs. The results of this work, we believe, will help facilitate more meaningful AI-to-Human interactions. Why is that important? Human growth is the new frontier for AI. It’s time for AI to help humans be better at being human. 

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