Who are we?

We’re Phil and Pam Lawson and this blog is a collaborative effort.

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We launched this blog in June of 2014 as a way for us to keep track of the rapid advances occurring in AI, many of which will be uncharacteristically disruptive to our society. And, it was a way to seek and follow discussions by developers of Artificial Intelligence who are pioneering how to socialize AI for human development. Which, directly relates to the work we’ve done.

More than a decade ago we launched a consultative tech R&D company that operated as a SaaS. OUR GOAL? Improve human health and well-being in real-time with human-centered technology. 

To meet this challenge, we created a wholistic technology framework to identify relevant paths of human inquiry, and promote personalized behavior growth, based on human directing.

40,000+ people from different ages and demographics have experienced the benefits of our IP using 40+ applications.

This isn’t theory. We traveled a complex terrain to do this research and test this framework.

Our work reflects advances in systems science, integrative complexity, quantum cognition, cognitive reappraisal, and reflective practice, which is foundational to systematizing and scaling human behavior growth. It’s a conscientious, reputation-based approach, rather than a crowd-sourced information platform.

Our IP will make it possible for AI agents to engage with humans differentlyfor AI to become human-centeredmitigating the bias and imposing of external values that is currently happening with “algorithmic-centered AI.” 

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NAVIGATING THIS BLOG: This is curated information about AI as it applies to socializing AI. We don’t comment on every blog post. Most are excerpts of news items. Others, are notable quotes. All of them direct you, the reader, to the original source of the material if you want to delve deeper. When we do comment, you’ll find our personal observations in purple text.