David Galenson
on inconspicuous “late bloomers”

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David Galenson, author; professor of economics, University of Chicago

David_Galenson“In today’s hyperkinetic world of instant internet links and television sound bites we’ve become conditioned — I would say brainwashed — into believing that the innovative people who make important contributions to our culture and our economy are all whiz kids — prodigies — fresh from the most prestigious art schools and institutes of technology who leap to sudden dramatic discoveries and quickly become rich and famous.

“A really wonderful book.” — Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink

“In fact, however, these young geniuses may be matched in both number and importance by much less conspicuous late bloomers who spend much of their lives working patiently and tirelessly in obscurity only gradually arriving at the achievements that ultimately gain them recognition.”

Source: Old Masters and Young Geniuses