The ultimate question we have to answer about AI

Are you willing to share your most intimate secrets with Cortana?

It may be time to learn how to get comfortable with an AI that knows you about as intimately as someone can be known

Microsoft’s vision for AI is to make Cortana an integral part of your everyday interactions with your computerized devices. The theme of this strategy is referred to as Democratizing AI. Cortana is to have an essential role for every person and every organization.

While the programming of AI and the creation of neural nets is all well and good, to be effective Cortana is going to have to get to know us—completely and intimately.

Cortana is going to know things like the fact that you indulge yourself with a cheeseburger on Friday afternoons after you have kept to your diet all week. It will know that you like to check your football fantasy team roster on Tuesday mornings rather than check your email like you should. Cortana is likely to discover patterns you didn’t even know existed—perhaps even patterns you will find embarrassing.

The question is:

Will you be okay with an AI knowing that much about you? Are you willing to let an AI, ultimately controlled by a for-profit corporation, get that close to you?

Source: TechRepublic