Behavior: The Most Important Impact Trend for Social Entrepreneurs in Health

Kayla Falk behavior tech

Society’s most pressing needs – improved healthcare, education, and environmental safety – are some of the largest untapped markets in today’s global economy. Social enterprises are trying to address these issues with sustainable solutions that can also drive profits. With 7 billion potential customers, where I see the greatest potential for impact is undoubtedly in global health.

In the decades ahead, the most game-changing social enterprises will be the ones that incorporate behavioral design into their solutions.

Behavioral design is enabling technology to have a huge impact on chronic disease improvement across the globe.

There is incredible potential for technology to help people work toward the behavior change that’s central to improving health. The most challenging global issues demand creativity and resourcefulness. Social enterprises that want to solve health issues must create solutions with intrinsic behavioral design components. Only then will we begin to see technology really make an impact.

Source: Huffington Post