AI to the rescue? Following doctors orders is exhausting, time-consuming

Did you know that patients with type 2 diabetes should spend 143 minutes per day taking care of themselves if they are to follow every doctors’ orders?

It’s called burden of treatment. It’s a tough reality in healthcare today. It involves illnesses of all kinds. It’s the burden of treatment on the patient, on his or her family and friends, and the doctors who care for them. It involves increased pressures and anxiety, financial strains, and additional demands on time for doctor visits, tests and trips to the pharmacy.  And many patients fail to handle this.

The current method of discovery is “conversation.” But, says Dr. Victor Montori, of the Mayo Clinic, “We need a different way of practicing medicine for patients.”

“I do not think that change will come quietly,” Dr. Montori says, “I am focused on a patient revolution led by patients, in partnership with health professionals, to make healthcare primarily about the welfare of patients.

Phil Lawson: The current method of discovery is “conversation?” Who has the time to do that well, these days? When tweets and “likes” are common forms of communication.

We’ve created planes, trains and automobiles to transport our bodies farther, faster. We’ve created tech to connect us faster to the “things” we want to buy. But we have yet to create faster, better ways for our brains to process complex human scenarios — to help us overcome the 7 things barrier of working memory; to help us connect the dots in life, work, the world.

It’s time for tech to go where no tech has gone before.

Currently, IBM’s Watson is making great strides in diagnosis and treatment for patients, but AI must go deeper. It must get personal. This requires a different kind of approach to coding. A moving beyond omniscient programming. It must involve AI to human collaboration.

Below is an example of a well-being application of our behavior growth tech that could be customized to meet the burden of treatment challenge and how AI can add value.

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