Excuse me but … physicists are not all-knowing

“The overwhelming success of modern physics does not give physicists the ability to pronounce judgment on other sciences … ” — Physicist, Mathew R. Francis

Quantum and Consciousness Often Mean Nonsense
Matthew R. Francis, May 29, 2014

Phil Lawson: Ultimate success in AI will not alone rest on the shoulders of physicists, mathematicians and coders who write deep learning algorithms. It will require interdisciplinary collaborations with neuroscientists, biologists, psychologists, therapists, culturalists and more. It may even require “Spherists” to inspire these interactions 🙂 

[Spherist, as defined on this blog: A person who has experienced the limits of compartmentalized thinking; who values connecting the dots and seeing a bigger picture. Who is also informed in the sciences of systems: chaos, turbulence, self-organization, wholeness, etc.]